Frozen Greggs Producs

Do you all know of the wonder of Gregg’s? I am going to assume you do. Did you know that you can buy frozen Gregg’s products from Iceland? If not, you do now.

I feel like this is one of the greatest inventions of our time. A bit hungover? Don’t want to leave the house? Want something flaky and delicious? Oh, look, I have Gregg’s in the freezer. Into the oven, half an hour later, delicious scents wafting through your home, and voila! You have a cheese, bean and sausage bake (a personal favourite). Iceland even sells steak bakes, chicken bakes, vegetable bakes, corned beef bakes. All the motherfucking bakes. Oh, you would prefer a Scotch Pie? There you go. A sausage roll? Boom.

It is amazing, and all at the same (if not cheaper) price than you can purchase at Gregg’s. I always have some in stock. They are also excellent if you get in drunk and need to eat something – as long as you aren’t one of those people that pass out as soon as you get in.

I was pleased with this situation, until I went into Iceland one day, and something wonderful happened. Frozen Mince Pies. Like Christmas Mince Pies. I fucking love a sweet mince pie. There for sale. Six frozen, sweet mince pies, that you could make at home. Trust me, I bought a dozen (two packs of six, not 12 packs of six. I am not that greedy. Yet. Or that popular actually. Who knew that someone that raves about frozen Gregg’s products online wouldn’t be that popular?). I still have three in the freezer. Yes Christmas is over, but frozen Gregg’s is the gift that keeps giving all year round.


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