Dry January

If you know me, you know I drink too much. So, usually I attempt a Dry January, and normally I get about 3 and a half weeks in before I fail. So here we are, Day 10.

Pros: No hangovers, no next day spent cringing, no taste of ash in my mouth due to the drunken purchase of cigarettes, no (or fewer) heart palpitations (thanks, Anxiety!), no sense of dread, flat does not smell of cigarettes, the ability to be productive the next day. I could go on.

Cons: No drinking in the bath.

Have you done this? If not, you should. I actually purchased an item to support my drunken activities in the bath. Here it is:

Bath Rack

Note – there is a space for a wine glass and a bottle. This is 100% one of the best purchases I have ever made.

I lie in the bath, drink wine, and watch trashy TV shows on my tablet. This is my favourite Sunday activity.

It is the best to be drunk the bath, you cheer on the characters in your trashy TV show, you splash a bit, you can check your phone and SnapChat. What isn’t there to love? Also, the reason I do it on a Sunday? So I can’t get too drunk, as I usually have work the next day, which makes it a deliciously guilty pleasure. So next time you are bored, on your own, get in the bath with a drink of your choice (I have tried wine, gin and tonic, beer, and an Aperol Spritz. They are all delightfully refreshing while reclining in a hot bath. You can also lie back and relax, read something, watch something, or day dream. You will not regret it.

(What you will regret is that bad-ass looking black bath bomb from Lush, which you think will let you pretend to be goth for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve. Your bath will need cleaned (ON CHRISTMAS DAY!), and when you leave the bath, you will not be clean. No. You will be covered in big black lumps which make it look like you have leprosy or worse.)

However, as this is Dry January, drinking in the bath will need to wait until February. Sigh. And with that beautiful bottle of red and a bottle of gin in the fridge just staring at me and feeling neglected. I hope they don’t go off…


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