The Republic of Thieves – Scott Lynch

Apologies for the hiatus as always. Reason: I have been lazy (normal) and really not reading that much lately (very unusual). There are a few reasons for this; difficulties at work – I made a career move about a year ago, which has proved more challenging than anticipated – plus, I seem to be reading very slowly, this is very strange for me.

I was reading ‘Rogues’, the compendium edited by George R R Martin, and it was wonderful, and huge. I would thoroughly recommend reading this, I would do a specific review on it, however, my note taking during my readings has been non-existent. I have also been working my way through ‘The Complete Fiction of HP Lovecraft’, also, incredible.

What I have learned from the above is: Do not attempt to read two, huge, engaging, engrossing books at once, all that results is that I cannot seem to focus completely on either, and it slows down my reading rate to an incredibly depressing snails crawl. The other reason for the slowness, is that I am trying desperately to improve my writing, so I am attempting to learn from everything I read. I appear to be a slow learner.

Upon finishing ‘Rogues’, I tried reading several downloaded samples on my Kindle before downloading what it was I really wanted to read, ‘ The Republic of Thieves’. It is another phenomenal book, and upon finishing it, nearly cried upon discovering that ‘The Thorn of Emberlain’ isn’t out until the 17th of September. Now, I would love to do a really detailed review, however, as explained above my note taking has been non-existent. This is also the reason why I am not doing a plot summary. When I first started this blog I was not including a summary of the book in my reviews, this was stupid and is something I am looking to rectify. I have been doing this more recently, however these attempts have been dire, therefore, I am not going to do disservice to this book by butchering a plot summary. So there are a couple of general thoughts.

– I really, really loved learning more about the back-story of Sabetha and Locke. Particularly the fleshing out of Sabetha. It brought back, incredibly vividly, my own early forays into the world of romance, both successful and unsuccessful.

– It is of real credit to Lynch how expertly he explored Sabetha felt, what her motivations were, and in particular her frustrations at feeling neglected by the rest of the Gentlemen Bastards purely because of her gender.

– Learning more about Calo and Galdo, and the unique education all the Gentleman Bastards received. I know this has been explored previously, but apparently I just can’t get enough (cue Depeche Mode).

– The main, present day story line, as always, expertly crafted. I kind of love and loathe that feeling of just not being able to guess what will happen next, and best of all, I am never disappointed with what the answer actually is.

This book has also impressed on me the need to re-read ‘The Lies of Locke Lamora’, as I have forgotten so much, so I reread of all three will definitely be happening in early September. I used to reread books I loved all the time, but there is so much I want to read that I get a bit stressed going back over ground already covered. I need to change this.

Also, I ended up buying a copy of ‘Lies’ for my friend’s birthday, then I had a bit of a geek out with the, admittedly cute, member of staff at Waterstones (Sorry Boyf). I might have gotten a bit gushy, despite having gone in to buy a copy of ‘Woman on the Edge of Time’ for her. (Which they did not have in stock, and while they could have ordered one in for me, they advised that it is out of print? WTF? I adore this book, I cried at the end, which I don’t do often, and I gave my copy to someone else as a gift, so cue hyperventilation until I can get my hands on a new one)

Anyway, book was wonderful, you should all read it, well not just this one, all three books in the sequence as they stand so far. Plus, despite having all three on my Kindle, I really want print editions, in fact, I might buy those for my September re-reading.