The Moth

I discovered The Moth podcast by accident. I downloaded it thinking it was something else, and I just fell in love with it very gradually and then all at once. I have a hellish commute and in the morning or after work I would look forward to listening to it as it helped me distract myself, feel better about myself and feel so much more optimistic about the future – hey, if these wonderful, amazing, introspective, heartbreaking, funny, unusual, unexpected things can happen to other people, they can happen to me too right?

So, when I discovered they were doing a book featuring the stories from The Moth, I was excited and downloaded it immediately. The first story did not disappoint, it was incredible and filled me with so much optimism, which was particularly needed after that particular day at work. I started ploughing through the stories thinking, if that is the first one, what can possibly come next?

Answer, not much. I felt that while many of the subsequent stories were fantastic, they seem to be lacking in comparison to the podcast, and also, some of the selection just weren’t good. Plus, having heard a fair few of the stories I ended up skipping a few in the book and a lot of them were in ‘The Guardian’, prior and after the release so I read some there too. I didn’t really feel as though I got much value for my money.

On a more positive note, most of the stories are excellent and really can uplift you and make your day that little bit more bearable. It does pull you into another world, and help you to experience things you might never even have imagined and generally I would recommend that you read this, even just to dip in and out of. However, it never quite reaches the lofty height of the podcast – which in itself can be a bit hit or miss – so I would recommend you just jump straight to there.


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