Christmas Part 2

This is the second part of my Christmas reading, no idea why it has taken me so long to post it. This part has been sitting in a file on my desktop, sadly looking at me while I pretend to have other things to do, so here we are!

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children – This started out really well, I was engrossed so quickly and the pictures in the book are all genuine pictures so I enjoyed looking at these in great detail. It was all so promising and even when you get the answer to the question I was really enjoying it. It is such a good concept and idea. Then, I am not sure what happened. It was almost as though the author gave up towards the end and couldn’t quite think how to finish it. It has left it open for a sequel –  which is coming our way soon – and I will probably read it, just because it is intriguing and I would like to learn more about the idea behind it. However, I think the way the story went towards the last 50 pages or so is indicative of the direction it will be continuing in and as such it was, overall a disappointment.

The Fault in Our Stars – I downloaded a sample of this and laughed quite a lot and so bought the whole book. It was worth it, an excellent book. I laughed a lot and cried at bits. This hardly ever happens with me and books…the crying that is. It is beautifully written and I will definitely see the film when it comes out. I thoroughly recommend this. It gave me a glimpse into an existence I couldn’t even imagine and I love it when books do this. Americanah did that too, it gave me a glimpse into a world I knew existed, but had no real concept of.

The Giver – This book was incredible. Everyone should read this, it is a dystopian, probably aimed more at teens, but so good. I was still thinking about it a week after. I would be standing at the train station going to work and my thoughts would just drift back to it. It was kind of haunting really. The ending is also one of those ‘open to interpretation’ endings, and normally I hate those. It works here though, mostly because I have my own thoughts on it and I am pretty convinced of how it ends. So good.

The Walking Dead Volume 1 & The Walking Dead Volume 2 (I actually read another book in between, but I will come to that in a moment). I am reading these because I am obsessed with the TV series and I just need a fix in between. Normally, I am not one for graphic novels, but I am glad I made the exception for these. They are excellent and are short enough for me to read as a break from my usual books. Also, it is making me consider looking at other graphic novels, so recommendations would be excellent. Also, I am actually buying physical copies of these as they seem to be better suited to print than reading off my Kindle so I will be purchasing one every month. The first one was a Christmas present, so I got to buy one this month, but now need to wait two weeks to buy the next one. This does not make me happy.

 Finally….Cross Stitch – The Outlander Trilogy – I started reading this because I saw they were making a TV series of it (thanks Jezebel) and it sounded pretty good. Also, my mum read these when I was a teenager I think? Maybe even younger and I remember her and her friends raving about them, so I figured, why not? Well, they are very enjoyable – although the reviews I have been reading over at Good Reads about them have been very moralising, apparently I have different taste in books than most people -, but they are filthy. I was shocked when I read them, not because of the content (I have read worse), but the fact my MUM read them. So I text her calling her ‘dirty mummy’ for reading them, yea, she just chose to ignore that part of my text and responded to the question I put in. The worst part is, it was our elderly neighbour that recommended them, so, yea, granny porn? Anyway, they are really good and it is a massive book. My Kindle estimated about 23 hours for me to read it, I battered through it in a week. I am very impressed with this. Also, so many words I didn’t know. My inbuilt dictionary has been getting a lot of use. The only thing I would nitpick about the words she is using is:


  1. It is set in the highlands area, she is not getting the teuchter accent right at all (I would know, I am from there)
  2. As I said, she uses a lot of words I don’t know the meaning of, but of course, the inbuilt dictionary gives you the origin of lots of words. Now the main character is English and while she does use a lot of archaic Scottish words she also keeps on slipping American type words (the author is American), which would have been out of place in that era. The best example is probably where she uses a word to refer to footrest, I had to look this up as I was unfamiliar with it and it explicitly states “North America”. Now her research has clearly been excellent for the whole book, but these little things probably irritated me more than they should have. I am an awful person.

So anyway, yes, loved it. I have since read the second one and a further review will be coming up for that and also…I have started driving lessons. I will probably be on here ranting about that. Let’s hope I don’t kill anyone in the mean time  



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