Christmas Reading Part 1

So it is that time of the day/week/month/year (delete as appropriate) for me to update again.


I have read many a book recently, which was helped by the Christmas period. This involved me sitting on my mum’s couch for several days eating mince pies and tea brought to me via my mum’s love. Also, I was being pretty selfish as my mum had fallen and sprained her back, so really I should have been more proactive in my mince pie reconnaissance missions. In my defence, the doctor did tell her to move about as much as possible, so surely I was helping? That is entirely rhetorical, we all know the correct answer.


I appear to have read quite a lot over the last month, so brief overviews of each and any points I think worth making.


Americanah – This was brilliant, I could not put it down. Everyone should read this. Even when I was lying in bed in pain – long story – it got me through. I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would. Although I was enraged, as when I downloaded the sample, the book was 99p, when I got round to reading the sample and deciding to purchase it had gone up to the grand price of £10. Lesson learned; if there is a book for 99p you are even just considering reading, just download it.


Witches of East End – I started reading this because I was watching the TV series and I was enjoying it as a bit of fluff and easy watching when lying in bed playing with your phone. So I figured, I would like a bit more background to these characters and storylines so I downloaded thinking it would be a delightful silly story. First off, it is different from the TV series, not massively so, but enough that you do feel you are getting a different story. Also, it was, as I anticipated the kind of thing I would enjoy and I was getting through it pretty quickly and then…it just went mental. Not good mental. Just mental. So much so I stopped watching the TV series, because although it is different, it is similar enough that I can see where it is going. Do not recommend, at all. Even if it is 99p…actually, if it is 99p, just go for it. Just to get to the crazy ending. It just came out of nowhere. OK, I am going to stop typing, or this could go on for a while.


The Joy Luck Club – This was also amazing, although I have a bad memory for names, particularly non-anglicised names, which meant I spent a lot of time trying to remember who was who and feeling horribly racist. I really enjoyed this though and will probably investigate more of Amy Tan’s work. Also, she is called Amy, clearly the best name.


A Family Affair – Do not read, this was terrible terrible stuff. Predictable from about 10 pages in, and yet I kept on reading. There are even further books in this series, and as much as I love trash that is not going to happen. Ever. I actively regret the money I spent on this, so if I could get a refund, that would be excellent. Thanks!


Glamour in Glass (Glamourist Histories #2) – I was pretty brutal about this first one, but was intrigued enough by the idea to move onto the second one. This was an excellent idea on my part. The second one is far better and moves away from the cliché “Trying to be Jane Austen, but not really succeeding”. The characters are more developed, it is more interesting and more engrossing, so will definitely be reading more of this. Also, I just noted, all female authors so far, go me. That is definitely a resolution for this year, more female authors.


The Returned – I read this because I heard the French TV adaptation was amazing. I read the synopsis of the TV series and it sounded really good, so I figured the book could only be better. Well, maybe I should have watched the TV series first because this book was boring. It was the usual, potential end of the world, Government takeover, then fighting, and then an ending which doesn’t seem to make much sense. It was so bland, it has had such good reviews and I just didn’t enjoy it, at all. It was a slog to get through. I actively looked forward to finishing it and not in a good way.

Ok, more to come later. That was way more than I anticipated,



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