No Books, just Gig

I had a delightful flashback to my youth on Friday (because I am so fricking old…), when I went to see my once beloved Placebo play. Now, firstly, I was kinda pissed because I had a seating ticket and I wanted to be in standing. However, the o2 Academy used to be pretty lax about such things so I, of course, just tried to swan into standing. Now though, they have these machines which read the ticket and confirm where you are meant to go. So instead of a ‘beep-beep’ which would allow me into standing I got a ‘beep-boop’. So off to my seat I go. Now it is unreserved seating which is a bit of a nightmare, because 1. If you get there too late, how do you find a seat? And 2. I was by myself, which meant that if I wanted more beer I would have to leave my seat, get my beer and come back to hopefully the same seat. So, I was in a bit of a dilemma.


I found a delightful seat, excellent view of the stage, beer in hand, and settled down to enjoy. The support act was kind of meh, plus lots of strobes which I am not a fan of. They started off kind of promisingly, but it just went downhill quite rapidly. Then, behind me, were some (what I thought) incredibly obnoxious teenagers laughing and kicking the back of my chair. I debated for a while whether I should turn round when suddenly I found myself doing it. I said, confidently “Do you want me to move?”, only to be confronted with a middle aged couple who just looked confused. Plus the music was loud, so they probably didn’t hear me, but I think they got the gist as the kicking kind of stopped for a while…


Anyway, support act finished and I decided to venture forth for another alcoholic beverage. I found myself in the VIP bar, which I am guessing was open for general use that day and returned successfully to the same seat. I then realised I needed to pee, so off I trot to try and find the toilet, upon entering I managed to hit a woman very solidly with the door and on my left a delightful view of a lady emptying the contents of her stomach into the toilet. So I manage to get in out, fail to spill any of my beer and back to not my original seat, but the one next to it where there was no kicking. This, for some reason, drew dirty looks from middle aged couple, but fuck them though.


In front of me was a girl, also by herself, so I felt less lonely which was nice. I noticed them setting up the stage and smirked to myself as I saw the two mikes being set up, one noticeably higher than the other, (the left shorter one for Brian and the right taller one for Stefan). On my left there was a teenage girl and her father, which made me smile. Then, however, just as I got settled into my seat – lots of space on either side, two men sat down next to me. At first I was quite wary, as you would be, a girl by herself, a little bit pissed, however, they actually seemed ok. Also, they had these epic two pint cups (best invention ever?), so I was quite jealous of them.


As Placebo launched into ‘Twenty Years’ (not a song I like), I took this opportunity to ask the men next to me to watch my seat and jacket and ventured down to the bar to get myself a two pint cup of beer. The bar was filled with men, so I waited a little while and missed ‘Twenty Years’ and also ‘Every You, Every Me’ (which sounded like a ridiculous version anyway), and then got back to my seat, which had been dutifully guarded by the two men and settled back down. The set list up until this point had, quite frankly, been pretty shit and I was now part way into my two pint cup (for those who are counting this is probably around my third pint with minimal dinner), and decided to share this opinion with the chap next to me.


So we got talking and he seemed nice, was pretty funny, but since I am quite naturally flirtatious, it seemed to start veering into dangerous territory, so I explained, I have a boyfriend, I am probably being presumptuous, you probably have a partner etc etc. This seemed fine, we continued chatting, and by this time the gig was getting way better (whether this is the case or the beer was contributing to it, you decide), when his friend, suddenly disappeared and the chap next to me was asking why my boyfriend wasn’t there with me. I explained I was meeting him after, and that I wasn’t willing to fork out over £50 for two tickets for my boyfriend to be incredibly bored throughout (however, I would have enjoyed having him as a beer slave, so this has been taken into account for future). The response to this was that he had with his (current/ex?) girlfriend suffered through Michael Buble, so the least my boyfriend could do would be to come with me to Placebo.


To be fair to him, after this point he kind of apologised and backed down and left not long after. I stayed for the encore, but they played a song I wasn’t that keen on so I just left (Infrared maybe?). I couldn’t be bothered dealing with the packed Subway and I didn’t want to walk back by myself.


So it was a good night – I had more drinks in town after with my boyfriend – and although it was slightly eventful, I really enjoyed the gig and will probably venture to a few more on my own.


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