RIP Kindle and Forensic Science!

Sad news chaps, I broke my Kindle. I was very hungover, (who knew a three year old’s birthday party would include so many drinks?) and lying in bed reading Americanah while the Boyf watched the football. I was going to make Enchiladas for dinner that night, but decided instead I wanted Chinese. I went into the living room to get the menu, came back, kneeled on my bed and underneath the duvet, right where my knew went was my Kindle. Cue broke screen and then frantically turning on my laptop I could not find anyway to fix it. Nothing worked. So I spoke to Amazon, and since it was out of warranty they would not replace it…however…they did let me buy a new Kindle at a reduced price.


It is a refurbished paper white, which I am very excited about. Sometimes I find myself reading in dark places (I.e. my room where I broke my bedside lamp) and this way I will have the extra light to read with no eyestrain, plus you can still read it in direct sunlight (the reason why I got a Kindle in the first place). It is still just wi-fi – 3G would just encourage me to buy too much.


However, Amazon are insisting that I send back my old Kindle (I love it, I am sad to see it go, scratches and all, plus I will need to get a new cover for it), so they then refurbish it and then send it to someone else. Firstly, this raises the question, why can they not just repair it for me at a cost and secondly how much money must Amazon be making off this thing? I dislike Amazon, and I grudge giving them money and if I could get another e-reader with the same number of titles then I would, but unfortunately Kindle, from my limited research, appears to be the best.


In this specific scenario though, I  (or more precisely my Mum), bought the Kindle, I then broke said Kindle, bought a new refurbished one, for them to then receive my old Kindle, refurbish it and send it on to someone else. Basically, they seem to be printing their own money. Why didn’t I think of it?


So, in short, I am bereft. Desperate to get back to Americanah, but also, kind of ragey, because I am now definitely going to miss my Goodreads target for the year.


That turned into a rant. I really just came on here to let you know my most recent time wasting device between calls (yes, yes I could almost certainly be doing something more productive). I present to you:


I am a bit of a fan of all things gory and as a child subjected to much Discovery Channel watching, via my Mum, of cold cases, DNA and Forensic Science. So this, with its short, informative articles is perfect for in work. I currently have about 5 tabs open of different articles to read. It is excellent, but making me wish I had made an effort in school to do Forensic Science. If only it wasn’t too late, sad times.


I just read the requirements and gave up, I wish I had made more effort. Still though, there are wonderful websites like this which satiate my need for more knowledge, because what is a life without constant improvement?


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