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I tried to post some links here, but failed miserably, I have completely forgotten how to do hyper links so briefly, I tried to link to George Takei’s perfume (Eau My – please buy me if possible) Some fun abbreviations and an infographic about inequality in the media, both courtesy of Jezebel. So, feel free to saunter over and try to find. In the meantime I have given up, so onwards.

Recently I have been reading Patrick Rothfuss’s ‘Kingkiller Chronicle’, it is a three part series and I have read the first two books ‘The Name of the Wind’ and ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’, and much to my dismay the third book is not due out forever.

Good points about the books; they are fantasy, excellent, long and engrossing. There are few things better than a really enjoyable book that keeps on going. I read quickly so this is heaven for me. The first book kept me going through lunch times at work, travelling to training for work and lounging around the house. I could not put it down and was so pleased to discover that the second book was out and longer than the first. 

It follows the story of a man called Kvothe who starts out with an idyllic sounding childhood and more intelligence than can be good for him. He then suffers tragedy and sets out to find the causes of this. He is lost, bewildered for a time and then goes to University where he learns…I am struggling to find a way to say this that does it justice, but am failing, so for want of a better word, magic. The story of how he gets there and his adventures and growth on the way are so good. It is written from the perspective of modern day Kvothe and how he got to where he is today, so it is interspersed with stories from the past and present. I was very sad when I finished the book. 

The second book, however, was, while still better than a lot of books seemed to leave something lacking. It was longer, but I am not sure that the additional length added anything. There are two long sections near the middle and end that just dragged. I enjoyed reading it, but there was so much tracking in the forest, a detour on the way home and then Kvothe went for training and I just felt like it was a way to pad out the story. The training did add substance as I understand that what the author is trying to do is to show that heroes and legends take time to form, to be created not just appear overnight, but honestly, it felt a little bit like overkill. 

I feel quite bad typing that as it gives the wrong impression, I would thoroughly recommend the books, they are excellent and the writing is incredible, – so good it makes me despair at my own feeble attempts – just that perhaps the story could have done with some tightening up. 

After this I read ‘Dune: Messiah’. I loved the first book, this one was enjoyable, but not as much as the first one. It isn’t for everyone. I have friends who enjoy the same style of books as myself but cannot stand Dune and others who love it. I am dreading starting the third one though as I think someone told me that it is a difficult read, but worth it to get through to the next books. Well, it was either the third or fourth one, I should really listen better. I will query next time I see them. 

Finally, the last book I read was ‘Shades of Milk and Honey’ by Mary Robinette Kowal, she isn’t someone I have read before but I do look forward to reading more. It is a Regency Period novel (and I love a Regency novel), but with the fantasy world thrown in. Good points, writing was incredible and the story was engrossing and the idea of ‘Glamour’ that is creating images by pulling threads from the ‘Ether’, was interesting, but I am not sure it was used to full effect. 

The story was very much a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ tale and this was apparent from early on. It was engrossing, but there was very little that surprised, I found the plot reasonably predictable apart from a few parts. I thought the implied feminist slant was nice in that ‘Glamour’ was something every respectable lady should be able to do, much like speaking French, or painting or playing piano was in that period, but that they could not use it to make their living in the same way that men could. So that was an interesting element. It is also the first book in a series so I look forward to seeing how this idea is developed through the further novels, but boo! Hiss! They are not out for a while as this book was only released recently. Why can’t everyone have the productivity of Terry Pratchett?

Anyway, summary.

Look at the links above, definitely read ‘The Kingkiller Chronicles’, dip your toes into ‘Dune’ and see if it is for you and finally read ‘Shades of Milk and Honey’ if you enjoy Regency and fanasty.




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