Books I have been reading

Books I have read recently in no particular order:

Let’s pretend this never happened – led to hysterics in inappropriate places

The Shell Seekers – The kind of easy read that I love

Gone – Terrible

Divergent – Meh, may go back to them

Dune – Utterly fucking amazing, one of those books that I think I should read but don’t expect to enjoy very much. Utterly adored, could not put down, even when the bunny I was babysitting insisted on trying to eat my Kindle cover while the rain poured down outside. 

The Future of Us – Appalling. Utterly appalling. Grudge spending my money on it

Gone Girl – eh, kind of enjoyed it. Took a bit too long to get to the twist for my liking, but generally enjoyable. Not entirely sure what all the fuss was about

The Secret of Crickley Hall – ha, I really enjoyed this, was glued to my kindle. A kind of book that does exactly what it says

The Hangmans Daughter – eh, was ok. Will probably never read again though

The Matched Books – Wonderful teenage dystopian fiction, the usual complaint though, first book is amazing and then we have the romancy bit in the middle and then the battle in the final one. I would prefer to read more about the world and the history of it. I am aware there needs to be some action going on though. Still, it was better than the Knife of Never Letting Go, and incredibly enjoyable.

Ridiculous story about this book. I was at home for Christmas and was getting to the point in the holiday where I was quite bored and, actually scratch that. This Christmas just gone, I wasn’t in the mood. I didn’t want to socialise, go out, I was happy just lying around reading and not being at work. This, is very unusual for me, Christmas is the time I go back to Hometown, I go out a lot. I get drunk. I see everyone and really enjoy myself. This year, not so much. Think I went to the pub once the whole time, only saw two people maybe? This Christmas was an odd one, I had had such an incredible year I think perhaps it was the knowledge it was ending had put me into a comedown situation, so I decided to do what I always do when I feel this way. Find something to distract me, generally a book.

I was scrolling through my recommendation list on my kindle and Matched was one that came pretty near the top. I figured, why not. I have a 4 hour train journey to look forward to so I might as well get something to read. I downloaded this and a few other things. I got on my first train and started reading it and was getting engrossed really quickly. I got to the station where I had to change. After the usual nonsense at this station – I had seats booked, bookings were removed on this train, the usual ridiculous queue to get on, managed to find a seat in an empty carriage. A strange man sat next to me despite several empty seats then complained that my jacket was touching the edge of his seat I said “Sorry, it is just that there are several other empty seats on the train where you could have sat”, moved my jacket, train conductor came along checked tickets. Oh, what is that the man has in his hand. Oh right, of course. He has a disabled railcard. Well done Amy, you massive dick. To save myself from further embarrassment I moved seats. After much shambolic moving around, I secured a table to myself. This was wonderful. I drank my fancy M & S orange juice, ate my fancy M & S sandwich, ate my fancy M & S cake – what? I like to eat fancy M & S food on train journeys – and a man asked if it was ok to sit down. I said yes, thinking he would adhere to the strict if it is one person is at a 4 person table and you want to sit there, you take the seat diagonally across from them. Not next to them, not opposite them, diagonally. No. This gent did not know the rules. He sat opposite me. Then began, possibly some of the most tedious hours of my life. I tried not to be rude, he made polite conversation with me, then started in on Scottish independence and my views on how, if it passed, it would be implemented. Once this conversation came to an end I cast my eyes downwards at my Kindle and continued to read. This gent was not giving up that easily. He had been on a tour round Scotland he said, by himself. He managed to get super cheap train journeys and then lectured me on how expensive my ticket was. He should be all 200 pictures on his camera. Of Scotland. A place I lived and grew up in. I had been to many of these places. No. I still had to see pictures of it. Perhaps my memory was unreliable and his pictures would be better. 3. Motherfucking. Hours. Of his patronising bullshit, his casual racism. His queries of where his hostel might be. Oh, the Subway would be £1.40 and the train there maybe £2. £2 he said? That seems ridiculous for a 10 minute journey when I have paid £10 for a three hour journey. 

By this point, I was verging on rude. Literally ignoring him at points, yet still he continued. Oh wait, what is that? There is a video of you on your camera? You are filming yourself crossing the Scottish border. How utterly fucking fascinating. 

My mum text to find out my journey was going, I outlined the situation. My mum’s response? “I am glad your Boyf is picking you up at the train station”

“Me too Mum”

When the train finally pulled in, after these long excruciating hours. I was furious. I love the train, I love reading on the train. I had wanted to read this book so much. I had wanted this time, where nothing was expected of me, to read. Read my book and this man had ruined it. I ran off the train, never said bye, never looked back. Found the Boyf, got a taxi home and then got drunk. Oh the relief. 

I could probably have summed that up as, irritating creepy man on train ruined my reading time. I think that way was more fun though. So yes, great book, Loved it. Just make sure you get time to yourself to read it. Now, onwards!

The Man in the High Castle – Not what I expected, and really not for me

The City of Ember – Enjoyed it, a very young book though. Short and fast paced,will probably get around to reading the next book at some point, but not necessarily something I would recommend to most readers.

The Children of Men – Once again, not what I expected. Enjoyed reading it. It takes a while for anything to really start happening. However, the new world and parts of it like The Quietus and the Omegas are fascinating and do draw you in. There was just enough balance between information, things hinted at and using your imagination to make it fulfilling and worthwhile. Probably worth a read, but at the start was quite heavy going. 

The Color Purple – Honesty time, I started reading this and just couldn’t get into it. At all, I found the vernacular it was written in very difficult for me to get into. I read half and then gave up and read the Wikipedia entry. Clearly if it is an intellectual you are looking for, it isn’t me.

My Shit Life So Far – Hated it. Initially I was enjoying it, then realised by the end I sort of hated Frankie Boyle and skim read the rest. Couldn’t tell if he was fucking with us, and if so how much, but yup. Hated it. I had to delete him off my Twitter feed

Currently reading “Just a Geek”, by Wil Wheaton. I am really enjoying it. This is an almost biography that I am struggling to put down. He comes across as a likable guy, detailing his life in such a way that he feels like a real person. Admitting to what very few people would admit to their friends. I think I need to go read it some more.




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