I would apologise for the gap in posts, but no one is reading this anyway. So really I am just trying to make excuses for my own laziness and lack of motivation. So, lets hope to eh?

Recently I have read a number of books, including that most notorious 50 Shades of Grey x 3. Not that I mean I have read it 3 times, just that I have read all three books, but I can’t even bring myself to try and recall the other two titles. Judgement? Fairly terrible, but deliciously trashy. Just the kind of light reading I enjoy. I devoured them rather quickly I am ashamed to say. My intention was to not read them, but I was in HMV with a friend of mine, he picked one up, flicked to a random page, which gloriously awful and I knew then I had to read them. So, I read quite a lot of it in my mum’s living room while visiting for her 60th birthday in June. She knew what I was reading, and she didn’t judge, so thanks mum. If bad literature turns you off, then definitely don’t read them. You will be horrified, but instead try find some scathing reviews, they tend to be incredibly amusing and probably better written than the books. I am not here to do that, mostly because I would miss the small details, but also because I am not that witty. So what else have I have been reading in the interim?

Well, I finally fucking finished the Game of Throne books, which isn’t to say I wasn’t enjoying them. I really was, and I am gutted that I will need to wait so long for the next one, but it just seemed like it was all I was reading for about 3/4 months. I had to take breaks every now and then from it, so I just haven’t been reading as much. I will give a brief overview of each one. In order, where possible.

I read the Chaos Walking Trilogy. The first book was pretty good, I got it for £1 on my Kindle, so it seemed  fair to buy it, I really enjoyed it so I bought the next two. Honestly? They fell pretty flat. Would not recommend. I do love a teenage dystopian novel, as I believe I have mentioned before, but I just find the pattern of them tends to be: First book, really good, really interesting, I love imagining the new worlds these authors create. I think it is incredible that people can build these new worlds from nothing. But anyway…then the second book is a bit more exploration of people, personalities and relationships, third one, all out war, which tends to bore me. So yea, didn’t really buy into them. The ideas create in the first one are fascinating though, so I would recommend reading that one, but I wouldn’t expect too much from the second two. It is a world where you can hear mens thoughts due to a disease, but which kills all the women so it is an incredibly loud world. Then one day the protagonist, a twelve year old boy hears a silence in the marsh and then the story takes off from there. The first one is definitely worth a read.

Then I read “Let’s pretend this never happened” by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess. I loved this book, it was hilarious, to the extent that in the break room at work I was having to stifle my laughter and failing miserably. Oh it was wonderful, if you like The Bloggess website, and if you haven’t been on it, shame on you, you will adore this book. It was wonderful. It is a biography of the earlier part of her life, at times heartbreaking and at others you think she is quite simply making things up. Like apparently there was a class as her high school about artificial cow insemination and she was used to help out in a demonstration and it all kind of goes down hill from there. Hilarious.

Then it was “The Shell Seekers” By Rosamunde Pilcher, which I appear to have purchased by accident. I did read another book by her which I really enjoyed and I loved this one too. It was almost like she was telling a story in reverse. I don’t think she is for everyone, but it is the kind of easy, engrossing read that I love, but I am not even sure who to compare her too, or how her books would be classed. The best thing is probably to read a sample or a better review online and decide. It is the story of three generations played out in flashbacks set during World War Two to the present day. Excellent characters, really well developed, a really engrossing read, but in some ways entirely predictable. The main character is remembering her younger days in Cornwall living with her mother and artist father. Then other characters have their own recollections of growing up  with the main character as their mother and their life experiences. If you enjoy the discovery of a family’s history and how they got to where they are now, it is probably the kind of thing you would enjoy. 

Right, there are another 5 books that I have read that I need to go over, but I really need to go get ready as I have a brewery tour to go to. I will hopefully get round to these later…like I got round to my review of “Do androids dream of electric sheep”.