The Handmaids Tale

If you haven’t read the above book, I suggest you do so immediately, although unfortunately it is not available on the UK Kindle. It is in my top 50 books of all time (I love a lot of books, I can’t pick!). There was a slide show on The Guardian website today of the pictures from the new Folio Society edition of the book, the pictures are wonderful and really give a sense of the dark world Margaret Atwood creates. The most terrifying thing about the book is how easily you can imagine it coming true, which is an amazing testament to how incredible a story it is. It’s a wonderfully engrossing read. I read it while I was going through the worst of my anxiety and panic attacks and it gave me a day and a half of wonderful blessed relief where I wasn’t thinking about when my next panic attack would arrive.

Here is the link to the page:


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