The obsession has taken hold

I had been reading Behind Closed Doors: At Home in Georgian England by Amanda Vickery (much as I am currently reading Wolf Hall (except not in about a year) and Letters Between Six Sisters (which I have read in full before but got distracted by other books), and while I am enjoying it, it isn’t the same format as an historical biography or a novel, which is making me find it hard to continue. Basically there is no overarching conclusion for me to reach, which isn’t allowing me to fight to find out the ending. I did, however, find out some bizarre things while reading it. It is definitely recommended and it is enjoyable, if only to read about how wallpaper came into vogue, the difficulties of living in a boarding house, the importance of your box, the locks available to protect your box – and home, if you were lucky enough to have one – the male and female boundaries of propriety, the different roles in the house, how important it was to have a well decorated house, how if you were fucked if a woman, not married and had no money, the life of a bachelor, the concept of taste, so on and so forth. Really quite fascinating now I think on it. I will return to it once I have done with my current obsession. Which is namely, Game of Thrones.

My friend had downloaded the TV series and offered to transfer it onto my external hard drive. I said yes, but didn’t really have any intention of watching it. I love historical/period type dramas, don’t get me wrong, but for some reason I thought this one would be dull and I would struggle to watch it and it would be one of those shows I watch just because everyone is talking about how amazing it is, and I would be all like “yea, totally amazing”, but thinking what a waste of my time. Basically, I thought it would be like the Tudors, which I tried to watch, but could never really get into. Well, I had to eat my words (thoughts?). I was bored one day and trying to think of something to watch, so just thought what the hell and put it on. I watched the whole series in about 3 days. 10 episodes of about an hour each. I couldn’t stop watching it, and nearly cried when I found out how long it was until the next series came out. (April, wooo!!)

Now, how to resolve this issue? The books, I love to read, the books will solve all my problems. Therein lay another issue, there were so many characters and so many things going on at one, I really thought I would struggle in following the twists and turns and who everyone is. I am not saying I know who every character is and sometimes I do wonder who a certain person is (I usually manage to work it out), but I cannot stop reading these books. I got the first one for Christmas. I didn’t read it straight away, I was reading another book at the time (The Thirteenth Tale, which was terrible), and then I read “The Knife of Never Letting Go”, it was 99p on my brand new amazing Kindle and it had been recommended to me on my Goodreads account, so I figured why not. Took me a day or so to read, it was enjoyable, but I still prefer The Hunger Games. Will get onto the rest of the Never Letting Go trilogy shortly I should imagine.

Anyway, I think I picked up Game of Thrones on the 27th December. I am now on the 2nd part of the third book with 15% to go – or so my Kindle tells me – and it is January 21st. These are big books and I do read quickly, but still it is something of a feat, taking into account my full time job, my active (note: not really all that active) social life, volunteer work and union activities. Even now, I am sitting here thinking, type faster, get back to the book. What happens? What happens to Arya? What happens to Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, Daenarys? It has taken over my life, to such an extent I saw a small child in the street wearing a wolf hat that hung down her back and my first though was “The Starks of Winterfell, Winter is Coming”. I had to remind myself I was not living in the books, and to me that demonstrates how truly engrossed I am. All I do with my free time is read these books and play Fallout: New Vegas (yes, I know everyone is playing Skyrim now).

Basically, everyone must read these, and if reading isn’t your thing I demand you watch the TV show. I promise you will end up with a bit of a crush on Tyrion. Oh and there is sex and lots of breasts. Promise.



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